Quick Update

So a quick update, I’m leaving Boise. At least temporarily.

As previously noted, the job search has been more of a dead-end here than I thought. And while I’ve tried to be patient, it’s wearing thin. Meanwhile, I’ve got a phone interview with a company in Arizona on Tuesday and traction on some other applications that I’ve put into cities other than Boise.

I’ll continue to put in applications in various cities, but the waiting around without anything to do has worn me down. So what am I going to do instead?

First, I’m going to Lake Tahoe again. I loved it there, and if there’s a potential that I’ll be thousands of miles away again, I’d like to see it again. After that, I’ll probably go to Yosemite because I didn’t make it there on my trip before, and then maybe to the coast again. Not totally sure. But I’ll round out going to the Hoover Dam since I passed that up last time too. And I’ll end by rolling through Sedona again, and most likely finish in Tucson. That’s where my interview is anyway.

If I’m going to end up back home anyway, I might as well see and do some stuff and be warm. Till then…

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