A Restless Soul – The Weekly Circle #1

Something I realized this week was how repressed my past had made me. And finally scratching that itch in the last year did exactly what it does when you scratch a real-life itch: it just gets itchier.

I have always been a restless person, never content and always looking for something to keep me busy. And I’ve certainly gotten better at placating that voice and being present. But, man, I want to travel. I don’t know if I’ll ever be truly satisfied staying in one place longer than a month again.

I have plans. I have plans for paying off debt and getting a new vehicle, one more suited to my traveling future. I have lists of places I want to go to, things to see and even a few places I’d like to settle down in. But traveling is here to stay.

It nourishes my soul and I gain more from it than anything I’ve ever done. I’m not talented (or prolific) enough of a writer to make a living writing about my travels and it would probably take the fun out of it. But I want to find a career that I can take with me to make all of this more feasible. Someday…

Until then, accepting that presence in the moment and working to better the other aspects of my life are my priorities. Things take time and I can appreciate that. But I’ll continue to do shorter trips to other places I’ve never been because if I don’t, the itch will only spread.

~  ~  ~

Poetry Round-Up


Writing Update

I’ve been building up a lot of superhero novel ideas, but lately, I’m starting to get concerned I can’t stretch them out into full-blown novels. I think they’d work better as a comic book (shocking), and the other novel that I’ve been toying with starting just isn’t speaking to me lately. But I’ve had a spark of an idea this week, and I’m starting to get excited by its possibilities. I’ll update more as it starts to get fleshed out, but it’s something I could see myself getting behind pretty easily.


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