Just Listen – The Weekly Circle #4

The universe is telling you where to go. You just have to listen.

Two months ago, I was living in my car in Boise, Idaho. I was struggling with where I was, unsure of where I was supposed to be, and looking for any sort of sign or voice for assistance.

There was no divine intervention, no voice from above. But I realized: I needed to go back home. It was never my intention to end up back at home, but I knew that it was what was needed.

When I got back, I needed a job. I had left two jobs when I tried to move, but I didn’t want to go back to either. Nothing was wrong with them, I just wanted to do something new. After a couple weeks, I ended up back at the restaurant I’ve worked at for over twelve years, unable to find a job anywhere else.

I started applying to other jobs, looking for supplemental income and, eventually, to leave where I was. I had two followups with two jobs I thought I would enjoy, both healthier grocery options. Then, crickets.

Coronavirus has gutted our economy. People are being laid off or furloughed and with no promise of supplemental income from the government as of now, people could be losing housing.

The virus could have devastated my life. I COULD still be living in my car in Idaho, with a job that might have furloughed me, and nowhere to go to pass the time because everywhere is closed. I COULD be at a job that would have furloughed me here, with no income coming in. And I COULD be working at one of those grocery stores, putting myself in harm’s way, dealing with the public on edge, and running myself ragged.

But instead, I am still being paid, though at a lower rate. The restaurant I work for is keeping me busy, employed, and helping out as much as they can. It’s not what I want. I’ve been trying to actually leave there for good for years now. But I’m eternally grateful that I never burned the bridge and had the lifeline when I needed it.

But I started by listening to what I was being told by the universe. I’ve always had a strong gut instinct and rarely doubt my intuition about situations I’m in. And more times than not, I look back with the benefit of hindsight and see that I made the right decisions.

So, trust your gut instinct. It’s not always overt. It requires some patience, making the mistakes early and learning the lessons they teach you. But my ability to go with the best possible flow is arguably my best attribute. And it’s paying dividends for me now.

~  ~  ~

Poetry Round-Up


Writing Update

I’m slowly crafting my character for my novel. I’m being careful about doing so because it’s going to make my process so much easier down the road. I also am laying out my longer-term story, because I want to turn this into a series of books rather than a one-off. I think Draven is going to be a unique, interesting, complicated and complex character. I just need to put in the work.


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