I’m Done

I’ve been quiet for a bit. If we’re being honest, things have gotten pretty low on my end. But it’s not important right now. Today has activated me in a much different way. I don’t usually talk politics here, not because I don’t think it’s important, but because I care too much about it. I get emotional and volatile. But today…well, today has pushed me over an edge.

If you know me personally, you know my opinions on Donald Trump. I don’t hide my disdain. But I’d like to expand it a little bit and make it very clear where I am with everyone on this planet. If you support or enable Trump, any of his goons, or anyone that even resembles a crutch for him, I want nothing to do with you. I don’t care what poor excuse you have; I will never forgive you for what you have allowed into this country.

These problems have always existed. This country has never been great. I’ll repeat it, this country, America, has never been great. It was founded by an entitled group of Europeans who stole Native American land and used African and African-American slaves to build upon it. We have the ABILITY to be better, but we’re miles away from anything close to “great”.

All Republicans are complicit. All Democrats and Independents who failed to hold those same Republicans to account are also complicit. This is a failed state with a broken system. And I’m struggling mightily with whether this country is worth fighting for.

There’s part of me that believes, as a privileged, straight white man, that it’s my responsibility to try to fix what havoc my ancestors have wrought on this country. Then, another part of me says I’m on the Titanic, and I just need to save myself. And I’m not proud that I feel that way. I want to be of aide. But this is becoming too much for my mental health.

I’m tired of feeling angry. I’m sick of questioning people who are friendly to me. Are they nice to me because they’re just a polite human? Or are they friendly to me simply because I share the same skin color as them? And to be clear, you cannot be a polite, decent human and believe people who don’t look like you are lesser than you. It’s not possible.

I don’t want to ramble, so this is going to be short. But I’m done. I cannot and will not tolerate the bigotry, hate, and anti-patriotism from the conservatives in this country. If that alienates me, so be it. I’m not a radical leftist, and I have a genuine sense of what works for people in this country. I know I can have a reasonable conversation with reasonable people. But that group of people is beyond reason.

I know that the Republican party and its interested parties aren’t the answer to this country’s problems. To be frank, they are actually a direct reason for many of the issues in the country. And I am DONE giving oxygen to human beings who think people that I care about shouldn’t exist because of who they are. I’m done.

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